Conrad Johnson pf-r

Hi all, I just got a cj pfr preamp and was wondering if the red led should always be on? it has no on/off switch. it is all original. I wrote CJ but they are to busy to answer and the book does not even mention this. any advice is very welcome. Thanks!
I don't think this is necessarily a problem. I used to own a CJ PF-2L and I believe the light would stay on (although there was no power switch). I think that this was a very common thing in their solid state line and they really focused on true on/off for their tube based equipment. I currently have a CJ PV-12 and CJ Evolution 2000 amp and there the lights are off when the units are powered down (but these are tube based).

I have some pictures here if interested.
Thanks !, That was my feelings but just wanted a second opinion. nice pre-amp, well made and super quiet.
Yes. I had a PF-2L back in the day and no on/off switch. With solid state best to leave them on.