Conrad Johnson PF-2L or Musica Fidelity A3cr

Which pre-amp is better to match with an Adcom 545 MK II?
I tend to like a fairly crisp, forward sound.
i have not heard the musical fidelity, but i have had the pfl-2 in my system and sold it quickly. i found it detailed but rather light weight. i liked my older ps audio 4.6 much better. just my ears as yours and other might be different.

Detailed and lightweight does not describe the CJ PF-2L I know. In my home office system I still use the Motif model I believe it is based on. It could describe one that was not left on long enough for it to warm up/break in (there is no on/off switch, it should be left on at all times).

Have you considered the Adcom GFP-750 ??
Sugarbie I like the adcom gfa 750, I own it,the musical
fidelity also good, In my own recollection Wes Philip
both likes this preamp, either way you cant go wrong.
I also know one unit the morrisson elad $750 brandnew
one of a hell of a pre amp.