Conrad Johnson MV60SE or VTL ST- 150

Hello guys,
I presently have a CJ MV60SE amp and I am thinking of buying a VTL ST-150. Not sure if that would be an upgrade? What do you think? Please note that I listen mostly to Jazz and Classical music. Using Proac 3.8 speakers. Thanks
Nice stuff.Seems like a sideways move but their both a good mix with the 3.8's.Keep up the good work,Bob
They would benefit from the higher output ST-150.
I owned one and loved it! Upgraded to a pair of MB 450's
Don't discount a nice used pair of Premier 12's. They are very good. I had the 8A's, so I am familiar w/ their sound.
I have seen them for as low as 3K here. CJ has excellent customer service to boot.
I am familiar with the CJ amps, very good but also on the warm side. I own a ST 150 and it provides the best of tubes and solid state. Hard to beat in its price range.