Conrad Johnson MV60se amp paired with Bryston

I am not an audiophile and seek your opinion. I have an older Conrad Johnson MV60se tube amp paired with a Bryston BP6 preamp. The detail and smooth sound of the tube amp appears to match well with the transparent Bryston preamp. Am I crazy or would the CJ classic tube preamp be a better match?
Crazy can be good. I do nt see any problem with your combo at all.
Especially if it sounds good !!!
Not crazy. I, too, enjoy a tubed pre-amp mated w/ a solid state power amp.

Happy listening!
SS and tubes go well together. I have the reverse, tube CJ pre and SS amp that sounds so good I can't tell it from all tube. The only comment I have is that the reverse is cheaper because of tubes in the amp, but you can upgrade the sound of the CJ amp by using different tubes.
It all depends on what you are driving. I have 2 Bryston amps with a CJ Tube Preamp because I need the horsepower for my B&W 801. You probably have more efficient speakers therefore the great results. Your set up probably would not work well with my speakers. You have two very nice pieces so I'm sure it can sound wonderful with the right speaker.
This is a good set up. I once owned a MV60se and an LS172 Pre. Ultimately I found the combination, while very smooth, ultimately boring. I sold both, but probably would have been very happy with a solid state Pre. For me tubes are great, but in moderation. I now have a tubed amp, a passive line stage, and SS cd, tuner, and phono Pre. My tuner, an MD 105, can be had with tubes but I declined. Besides if i wanted a tubed tuner I would look for an MR 71 !