Conrad Johnson - MV60 - anyone heard one?

Today I got a chance to listen to an MV60 through some JBL floorstanding speakers and it sounded pretty good in a room with lousy sound. Has anyone heard this amp? I did some search on the internet for reviews and I found a few. Most said that it had great treble and midrange, but they were sort of opposing on the bass end. One review said it had soft bass and another said it had punchy bass. Unfortunately, both reviewers were not using the same equipment, so who knows.
Hi, I have compared the MV60 with the solid state CJ MF2500 and Musical Fidelity 250W monoblocks through CJ's PV14L preamp. I thought the MV60 had loose bass and sounded rolled off on top. Even the midrange of the MV60 was less natural than the other amps. This may be just a matter of preference between tube and solid state sound, but I would stay away from the MV60 unless you need to compensate for a bright sounding system. By the way, the CJ PV14L preamp (which I bought) is excellent, it has more detail and focus than the SS preamp it replaced with just a bit of pleasant tube softening of CD harshness.
I can not speak for the MV60. I did have a Premier 11a and absolutely loved it. I replaced it with a CJ MF2500A. I feel CJ amps are very smooth / detailed and accurate with their tube amps being among the best in the business.

I moved over the MV 60 about a year ago after my old Bedini 25/25 decided to show its age. I listened to numerous integateds, as well as separates-- Bryston, Plinius, a used DNA .5, Blue Circle, Rouge and 2-3 other amps. It took me some time to adjust to the new sound, but I was never unhappy, just not sure what I was hearing, especially as I changed my entire system. Four pairs of speakers later, and a lot of experimenting with cables, I can say that the MV 60 is a great sounding amp. Natural, good sound stage, smooth and actually very fast. I like its bass response because it sounds like real music and not like a cheap car stereo or exaggerated. I hear live music weekly, so this is my reference. I do not want floor shaking bass, just accuracy.

But, here is the catch. IMO it excells and shows it true sound with "good or better" speakers. I have been using Meadowlark (Vireo and Kestral) and ProAc Response 1 SC, as well as several pairs of older NY Acoustic speakers -- even a borrowed a pair of Revels -- and kept questioning what was missing. These are all great speakers, so do not get me wrong. There is simply a "speaker hump" (so to speak) where this amp just shows it stuff and goes from lovely to fantastic.

I recently was able to get a pair of Penaudio Charisma monitors (coming to the US this winter -- and I was amazed. The system just came together. I think that the Charisma represents a new era of mini-monitors, and at 3K they outperform a lot of more expensive speakers.

But, to answer your question. You will not go wrong with the MV 60. The European reviews of the new SE version (option to use different output tubes) have been very positive. So, if you are looking at a used MV 60, the upgrade may be a great option to consider, as well as a chance to have CJ check out the amp. I suggest that you call Knut at CJ and speak with him. Also, please feel free to e-mail me off line if you want to talk more about this amp.
I just got both the MV60 and PV-14. I'm having a hard time typing since I'm listening to it now and my jaw keeps falling on the keyboard:^)

Go fo it..
what speakers are you using and what size listening area.?
I am considering this same pre/power combo.
I listened to the mv60se with my amati's. Indeed not the highest high nor lowest low but boy did it make MUSIC!!! Don't expect the highest sound levels. Sam Tellig said it all.
I've had the PV14L pre with the MV60se for about a month now, I use them to run my Quad 988. During the first few days of auditioning I thought that everything sounded recessed and the lower end was a little too rubbery for my liking, but I may have just gotten acclimatised to the setup or so but now my opinions have definately changed.

The midrange is superb, with natural vocals, unforced sound, lifelike perception of the music and staging. The upper register rolls off a little(but to my liking). The bass doesn't suffer from too my overhang anymore, though lacking in overall wallop is still precise and smooth.

I'm finding the longer I'm using the CJ combination the more I am enjoying the musical presentation and forgetting to listen to the sounds and trying to analyse but just having fun.

Hope that helps