Conrad Johnson MV60

Is anyone familiar with this amp? Is it well made? Does it use point-to-point wiring or circuit boards? Is it generally a good piece, built to last?
I had a Premier 140, which is a 140 wpc version of the MV60, but like the MV60SE, uses 6550 output tubes instead of EL34's for the MV60. The MV60 uses circuit boards and the tube sockets are mounted to the board. I think the MV60 and MV60SE have been reliable products, as opposed to the Premier 140, which was problematic. I had a number of problems with the Premier 140 including the blowing of internal and tube fuses, but I don't think the MV60 has suffered these problems. This may be why the Premier 140 was replaced by the LP70 monoblocks but I believe the MV60 is still in production.
Generally Conrad Johnson pieces are built like tanks. I have gone from the MV-52 > MV-55 > MV-60 and have no reliability issues. When power tubes go, the fuse blows and that's it. The only reason for my upgrading was sonics.

I am now happy and feel no urge to upgrade.

(System: Rega Jupiter 2000 & Scott 310e tuner > Creek OBH-12 passive preamps > MV-60 > Totem Arros)
Hello, I have an MV-60 EL-34's and the amp is a tank and sounds superb. It replaced a Pass x-250 with 250++/channel, and the little CJ is not only superior sounding, but plays as loud or louder, that's right!! Don't be put off by the modest rating, it is very powerful!! The most powerful 55 watts you'll ever hear. I think the EL-34 version has that classic midrange, better than the 6550 SE, IMHO, where the SE sounds more extended maybe, but not quite the same in the mids.

I don't have a preamp anymore, was running a Premier 16LS mk II, and man it was beautiful sounding. My amp has less than 150 hours, and is absolutely mint. If you're interested, contact me.
I have had my Premier 140 for about 4 months now, totally reliable and sounds great. A buddy has had the MV60SE for a few years. Also reliable and another great sounding amp. Neither of these has the typical old cj sound. They won't let you forget you are listening to tubes, but are much more transparent and extended.

I own this amplifier, one of my all time favorite. I switched to Triode (it can be switched from an experience with Conrad-Johnson amps technician) and the results are from B+ as it was to class A rating. Even more detail retrieval, more transparent with excellent dynamics. Bass in the same league as before switching to triode. My amp is the MV60SE. Also tried Tungsol's 6550 and Gold Lion KT88 with excellent results and better than ever soundstage. In triode mode the sound became more precise and insightful without any sign of stress on my Proac speakers. The soundstage also opened up even more than before. I mate this amp with both Placette PVC and Classic M8080 preamp with excellent results. I will stay in triode mode, preferred with any type of music for its enhanced resolution, detail, venue reverberation and liquidity.