Conrad Johnson MV-52 EL34 or 6CA7?

From what I can remember my conrad MV-52 came with 6CA7 fat bottle tubes. My understanding is that the 6Ca7 puts out slightly more power than their EL34 equivalents and is slightly different by design.

Is the MV-52 circuit designed specifically for the 6CA7? In this particular case is their a sonic benefit to using 6ca7 instead of el34?

Ive tried Siemens, Mullard, Svetlana, JJ, Tesla, EH and EI el34's. All good tubes but the Mullard and svetlana sound the best in this application.

ANyone compared el34 and 6ca7 in this amp?
Hi there

I have a MV50, originally equipped with Philips ECG 6CA7
big bottle (OO-Getters).

I have tried all sorts of of EL34 (Mullard, Telefunken, Philips metal base, RFT .....). None of them produced an acceptable sound. Best were the Metal Base from 1955.

I then tried the Electro Harmonix 6CA7 big bottle single getter. Excellent. Almost no difference to the Philips ECG.

Got a matched quad in Hongkong for $50 shipping inclusive.

For that price definitely a bargain.....