Conrad Johnson Motif MS 2001

Is any one familiar with the sound quality of this amp? It was made between 1990-94 as a high end offering from CJ at 200wpc. But why did they discontinue it? Thanks!
My recollection is that the Motif was a MosFET design, a nice-sounding amplifier intended for CJ customers who didn't want the bother of, or were afraid of, tubes but wanted a CJ product. There was nothing particularly exceptional about its sound that I recall, but it was a very good all-around performer--maybe a little soft at the highs, not the last word in dynamics or transparency. I think one reviewer may have called it the amp you'd bring home to meet your mother, or something like that. I believe that CJ still makes solid-state products that have replaced the Motif name (MF series?), so I'd expect that CJ would say that the design has been refined and improved rather than replaced. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the info. It helped me decide which direction
to go for my next purchase. Much obliged!