Conrad Johnson MF2500A & Dyn's 1.3SE


I have a Conrad Johnson MF2500A powering a Dynaudio 1.3SE with sonoran cables and a Audio Areo Prima Dac/Preamp, the problem that I’m facing is the presentation is too laid back for me now I loved the amp in the beginning but now its sort of getting un-involving, its like I’m 12-14 rows from the musicians, which is nice for jazz but rock music is not as much fun.

What can I do to improve this or this is the way the CJ’s sound always? , the CJ is about 3months old I recently heard a Gamut D200 with the 1.3SE setup and thought it was fantastic the presentation was right there but the warmth of the CJ’s wasn’t there but far more involving with rock music(The drums had more life in them, the vocals are more present rather than distant).

Is the only solution to change the Amp to enjoy rock music once again? Or I can tweak my system to make it sound better.

do you have a line conditioner? just added one to a similar set up and found a significant difference w/ a richard gray basic 4 input model...the amp if fine..what interconnects?
hi Faimachung,

No i'm not using a line conditioner but connected the amp to a 20AMP plug, the interconnects and spraker cables are Star Sound Tech Sonoran(copper).
Why are you assuming it's the amp? I've had one powering B&W N803's for about 15 months and other than warmup its performance has never changed AFAIK.

You might try a demag CD like the one made by Ayre. We run it every couple of months. It cleans our system up and brings the life back. For vinyl the Cardas sweep record has an even larger beneficial effect, depending on the cartridge. Some react more to it than others.
Try a SimAudio w3 or w5. Dyn's have a soft dome tweeter which need a slightly forward amp or they can sound dull. Sim also makes some incredible fast bass which is needed for rock. I once tried a cj (i forget which model but it was a bit lower powered then the 2500) with my contour 1.8's and thought they were a great all around performer, but a bit sleepy in presentation. My Sim cured that while staying musical.
Great point about the tweeters. Neither the metal tweeters nor the kevlar mids in my N803's would forgive a forward sounding amp. I'd have to repaint the walls of the listening room once a week!
thanks for the tip on the demag CD by ayre. i had never heard of this type of product..i am checking it out at boss is an audio-freak and will forgive the tempoary dip in productivity. you guys on the 'gon never cease to amaze me...
Thanks for all the help guys, I just filled my speaker stands with sand, got the speaker's furthur out in the room and voila the its imaging perfectly and the soundstage is veryy wide, next I think I'm going to look at a line conditioner.

I thought real hard pulling the trigger at the Gamut amps but my local dealer is asking wayyy too much for it(more than the retail), but i'm glad I dint.

More than retail?! What value has this wonderful dealer added to them that would justify charging more than the manufacturer thinks they're worth?

Glad to hear that relocating and stabilizing your speakers helped so much. Putting my B&W's on spikes and getting them away from the walls had a similar effect, better imaging and much tighter, faster sound.
hi Dougdeacon,

I'm from India and not much High-End audio is around here, and the custom duties are crazyyy, but still it dont justify the amount I was quoted by them.

I'm really enjoying my system now it sounds really good maybe sometime next year I would plan to upgrade to new speakers and amp.