Conrad Johnson MF-5600A Opinions


Has anyone compared this multi channel amp to any of the 2-channels solid state CJ amps like the MF-2250A, MF-2500A or any of the older ones ?

I only really need 2 channels but would consider one of these as an alternative if they sound as good as they seem good value used right now.

I used to own this amp for the reason of getting the CJ sound in a multi channel system.

Like I have found with every other multi-channel amp I have tried (that being a fair number), performance is not as good as the two channel or mono amp alternatives from the same company.

That being said and not knowing the rest of your system and your future possible goals (ie. HT), it is a pretty good sounding amp (always with the caveat, for its price).

If it were me, I would look/wait for a two channel amp unless you will need more channels in the future.