Conrad-Johnson MF-2550SE owners - What speakers are you using with it?

I am currently breaking in my just purchased CJ MF-2550SE power amp. Just wondering what speakers you are using with it and how it sounds. I am thinking of upgrading my Dynaudio Focus 260 floorstanders & Dynaudio Sub 600 to a more expensive floorstander to mate with the CJ. I am looking at Legacy Audio Signature SE & Focus SE. Any suggestions?

keep me posted as you massage this power amp into your system.
Happy Listening!
Go to a hi-end Klipsh dealer (i.e. has more than home-theater models) and listen to the new Forte III or even La Scalla. I just bought some La Scallas and use them with my BAT VK-300SE (150 wpc @ 8 ohms). Also using a Prima Luna Prologue Premium (35 wpc). If you're in it for the music, you may not need more.
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I heard the Legacy  Focus Signature  at  the Audio Doctor's showroom in Jersey City recently. 

Dave the store owner played the Legacy's for me, and I  have a pair of the original classic Virgos which I love and my visit to the store was more or less to just check out the place,  I  was not planning on buying new speakers, after hearing them, I fell in love with the Legacy's, and now I am contemplating getting  a pair. 

Dave is very knowledgeable  about both audio in general and loves the Legacy line, his system sounded amazing. 

I have been to several of the NY audio shows, and I  never thought I could find a set of speakers that I would like more than my Virgos that were affordable. Most of the things I heard that were good were $20k and above speakers, not $7k and even the starter models of the Magico and YG speakers never sounded as big or compelling as their much more expensive models, nor did any of those speakers have a really deep bass response. 

The Legacys had a huge sound stage with great width, and the treble was smooth and silky, the images were also very life sized and the speakers can rock. 

Dave played the Dali Rubicon 6 which were excellent, and the PSB T3 which were also excellent, I did find that the Legacy's were really my favorites and offered way more performance then anything else I have heard that would still be affordable.

I would reach out to the nice people at Audio Doctor, their system was really special. 
I've got an older pair of Legacy Focus speakers and I love them, truely full range speakers! With smooth highs, and astounding bass. But, I previously had a Forte' Model 3, a 200 wpc amp, that was nice enough I guess, and sounded great on smaller speakers, but with the Legacy's it was not a good match. I find the Legacy's need some current to sound their best. My new Krell FPB-300 (well, new to me), really makes these speakers sing! I'm not familiar with your CJ 2550's, but if they can flow the current to control the bottom end of these Legacy's, the top end is glorious. And they need room to breath, these are big speakers and will not perform in a small space. My 16x20 room is barely big enough. A smaller room may do better with the Legacy Signatures? 


Were you listening to the Legacy Signatures with or without a sub or subs?


Do you use a sub or subs with your Legacy Focus'?

My room is 13' 3" X 18' 7" X 7' 8". I am contemplating the Focus or the Signatures. Some have said that the my room is large enough for the Focus but I'm not sure.

When I heard the speakers at the Audio Doctor store, I don't have them yet,  they had fantastic bass and I would wonder why anyone would ever need more and I know they were not using a sub, they do have subs in the room I actually asked the same question after hearing them. 

If you want more input on the speakers I would give them a call, Dave is super nice and knows his stuff, great store. 877 428 2873

I have the MF2275 SE and I use it power the Magnepan 1.7i


How much do you like that combo? I owned a pair of Magnepan IIIa's for twenty years. Sold them because they were long in tooth & eventually decided on dynamic speakers for a change. I have been reading a lot about the 1.7i's. Do they perform at a high level for you? I know, if I qualify, Magnepan will allow an in-home audition of them for 30 days.