conrad johnson mf-2300a heat

can anyone offer at what temp this amp should be running
? on the heatsinks at 80 degree room temp it is 135-140 f. this is into an 8 ohm load and a normal volume. it seems too hot to me? never has shut down. the manual does not say . Thanks for any info.
Is the amp inside a cabinet? If so, that is a tad bit high and probably needs some air flow around it. If it is out in the open air, yeah that's kind of hot.
You can also contact C/J and ask Ed. I believe that amp uses FET output devices which tend to be biased higher and therefore run hotter. If you can't keep your hand on the heat sinks it may be biased a bit too high.
Mine regularly runs about 130F and is perfectly normal. I just had it serviced by CJ and a kitchen thermometer on the heat sink shows the same about 130F at all times. I use 4 ohm Maggies but the temp doesn't seem to vary much at all.
Hi, thanks for the info , I think it is too hot and will give cj a call. they must hold the service books in a safe I think. I can't find one that has bias adjust spec anywhere.
i had mine svcd and when i got it back it was running real hot as well. just sent it back, and was told a cap went out. let me know what you to come up with.....thanks.