conrad johnson MF-2250 opinion

Are there any CJ MF-2250 owners out there? Is it a good match with the Maggie 1.6/QRs and MMusic Hall 25 Cd player?

I see the price have come down quite a bit so I would really appreciate if the owner can give me some insight infor about it. How is it compared to the same price range amps?

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Ake, Conrad-Johnson is a reputable firm known for customer support. They also make nice sounding solid state amps (I use one). The Maggie 1.6's are a 4 Ohm load, you might be better off with one of their high current amps (2300 or 2500 series). These amps also have almost double the power (still within the recommendations of Magnaplanar), and while I am not a Maggie owner (I do like their stuff) popular opinion
around here suggests the maggies like power.
Unsound is correct. I own a pair of Maggie 1.6 and they do like power. More accurately, they like current. A high current amp will do the trick, whether it is tube or solid state. I would want to try a 2250 with the speakers before buying to see if it had enough power. If I were to take a chance and buy used, then I, too, would look to the 2500 instead. Best of luck!
I own the MF-2250 and drive Vandersteen 2Ci speakers with them. The Vandies dip to 5 ohms and are 86 dB efficient, so they need 100 watts to really make them talk. It's the best sound I have ever gotten from my Vandies, and I use the C-J PV-14L and EV-1 to feed signal to the MF-2250. Couldn't be happier with the sound. I have power to spare, so they should be capable of driving Maggies as they are conservatively rated 200W at 4 ohms impedance. You can get new MF-2250 amps for $1295 at Spearit Sound. It's the bargain of the year in a power amp, as the MF-2250 combines the good virtues of tube and solid state amps. C-J solid state amps have been under rated for a long time. The new MF series has gotten solid "5-star" ratings on, and are considered substantially better than the old MF series, which was counted as very good. They have an unbeatable combination of resolving power and musicality at their price points. You can't do a whole lot better at any price, I would say.

Phil Canard
Anyone using the newest (2015) iteration of CJ solid-state power amps?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!