Conrad Johnson MF 2100 or Classe CA-100

So I have an option to pick up one of the above.  What are peoples experiences.  I am running KEF R100s, an older pair of Paradigm SE series, and a pair of Dali Ikon.  They will be controlled by either a Parasound 200 or Rotel 1066 for now.  I can use any combination of the above and prefer acoustic material but also hard brass.  Room is about a 10 by 16.  I am looking to upgrade the speakers after to larger newer Paradigm probably

Both used around the same price.
I bought a CA-100 new around 1999 and have no desire to change or upgrade. Over the years I’ve paired it with 4 or 5 different preamps, some costing much much more. I never felt I was out of its league. Great amp!

No experience with the CJ.
I had a CJ MF2550 amp for a short time (couldn’t wait to unload it) and the 3 words that come to mind are:  slow, thick and syrupy.