Conrad Johnson LP70s vs. the rest

Hi, I'm still researching for the 'perfect' amp for my Harbeth, which doesn't required a lot of power to drive.

I'm interested in the CJ LP70s and want to know how it compares with the older CJ power amp models which I'm not familiar with. Can you recommend a few good ones?

Also, what amp from Audio Research would be comparable to the CJ LP70s? What's the sound characteristic of the CJ and ARC? I don't have much experience auditioning these 2 brands.

To make it a bit more interesting, I auditioned a German made integrated amp - OCTAVE 70SE and I was impressed. It's not a very recognized brand in the U.S. but it builds solid and have good power using 6550 tubes.

Anyone has experience with all 3 brands? In addition, has anybody compared the CJ Lp70s to the Pass labs XA30.5 and Ayre V-5xe? Thanks.
I wish I could compare the different brands but I own the Octave V70SE. Great build quality with some great features. Easy biasing - soft start which helps extends tube life and a protection circuit that really works (Yes I've had a couple of tubes go bad). I might add that the black box option lowers the noise floor and allows for greater dynamics. Also with the V70SE you have a choice of KT88 6550 and EL34. I have all 3 and the EL34 doesn't have as much power but a magical mid range. BTW I'm using mine to drive Dyn C1's which are 85db/1 watt

That being said it would be ideal, if possible to demo them yourself so you can compare sound and features.

Good luck and happy holidays
Xti16, thanks for sharing your experience with 70se. The price for new is very high ($7k) which could afford separate pre/amp Conrad used.

Just curious where you bought the 70se. Did you pay retail price?
I'm searching for used but it will take a long time. Btw, how would describe the sound of Octave?

Happy holidays!
Of the CA 200, MV 60 and Premier 140, I find the LP70 the most natural and effortless sounding amp. It has very good bass response but the CA 200 has better lower bass control. The LP 70 sits on the fence between neutral and accurate. It is a very satisfying amp to listen to. Maybe even addictive. Clean, quiet, musical.