Conrad Johnson LP70s and Sonus Faber Cremona

Have the opportunity to obtain a CJ LP70s and wondering how it fares/mates with the original SF Cremona floor-standers which are 4 ohm nominal but drop to around 2.5ohms in the 50-200Hz range. Have tried CJ direct but they must be busy, and can't find any details on current capability etc.

Appreciate any shared comments or experiences from learned Gon members that may assist. Unfortunately I won't be able to "listen before you buy" so a bit of a gamble but the CJ family repute well.

Thanks in advance from Alex

I've heard the Cremonas on a couple SS amps of 200+ wpc but never on tubes. I bought a pr of Dodd monos from a fella who said he had Cremonas, or heard them with the 120wpc Dodds... and liked them a lot.

I'd say the Cremonas will like tubes. I wonder though about 70wpc or if they have a 4 ohm tap out of the amp. If so then it's likely going to be a matter of preffs as to the listening levels you can achieve using the CJ amp.

I've little doubt the CJ amp will drive the SF speakers, and I doubt seriously anyone can advise you as to exactly how well.

there is always bi amping, and/or subs... if things don't turn out exceptionally well for your situation.

They'll work... I'm sure... how well is another story.

Sorry I'm not more help.
Cheers BJ, Ed from CJ has kindly replied and advises that the output trannies will cope fine with the low impedance an that as a match sound quality should be fine, but loudness/room size may control loudness.

Not a problem for me as I don't listen that loud.

Any other experiences with this match gratefully appreciated.