Conrad Johnson LP125sa and ET5

I have an opportunity to purchase these two components at an exception price. Any feedback from current owners would be greatly appreciated.

Currently running Plinius Hautonga/B&W 804 Diamonds as primary system. Secondary system is PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium with Audio Physic Tempo speakers.


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Go for it. To make a long story short, I had a ss amp and CJ LP70 connected directly to my DAC. I borrowed a preamp and heard what I was missing. I listened to 3 preamps and settled on the ET5. I then rolled the tubes in the LP70 and was really happy until I heard it side by side to the LP125. Needless to say, I now have the LP125sa+ and sold my LP 70. The ss amps are soon to go. All I do now is listen to music.
Thanks Cellorover. It's a big jump for me right now financially but I'm getting the two pieces for $14,000 (store demos with less than 100 hours and full warranty). Like you, I will be getting rid of the ss amp.

I will be bringing the gear home today for a 3 day audition - given my addictive tendencies, my guess is that the gear will not go back to the store!
Great deal. But as Jafant said consider your cabels. Try both speakers also. Good luck.

What speakers are your CJ's driving?

Do you think they may be a good match for Vienna Acoustics Kiss?
You may already know this but these units are for sale right now used on A'gon for a little over $10k. Considering CJ gear is good for at least 10 -20 years you may want to consider something with a few more miles. No relation to either seller. Just an avid CJ user for many, many years.

Best of luck.