Conrad Johnson Loudspeakers-Synthesis.

Prior to my current speakers, the only speaker that I'd ever heard that projected an image OUTSIDE the lateral confines of the speaker were Conrad Johnson Synthesis 2 ways, where the cymbals (as I recall) of a musical piece seemed to shoot up and out, and emanate from both corners of the room. To this day I don't know whether it was due to reflections off the walls or truly great imaging, but it was cool either way. I became fascinated with the Synthesis line by Conrad Johnson and the four tower Reference System as well. It retailed at $8000 way back around the late 1980's. I never even got to hear it, but was always intrigued.

The point: I'm wondering whether any other members have heard or owned the Synthesis Reference four tower system. If so, what do (or did) you think?

Footnote: The topic is timely because a Conrad Johnson Synthesis Reference four tower system is being auctioned by someone right here on Audiogon. This is the first such system I can remember EVER seeing offered for sale ANYWHERE after all these years. And the starting price is cheap, too.

{{{And NO, I have nothing whatsoever to do with the seller, or the auction, etc.}}}
I think I heard them at Excaliber in Alexandria, VA. Conrad Johnson's factory was in spitting distance. I think it was the four box system. I was intrigued because you were able to put each box in its optimum room position.(a la wilson wamm daves only real speaker) In a one box speaker if you find the right spot for the woofer it's the wrong spot for the tweeter.
I hesrd them at Sound inc, in NJ. I was very impressed, but the sub modules were the size of a small refrigerator. I tried to buy just the satellites but they would not brake up the set. I also owned a piar of LM200's and LM310's. I really liked both of them and was sorry to part with them but the upgrade bug bit.
Got a pair of LM200's still on duty in our TV room. Very nice speakers, if not the last word in anything in particular.

I have heard the same sound projected past and above the speakers with all C-J electronics and Synthesis LM250 or 300's. I still own a pair of Synthesis LM20 monitor speakers. They still sound great! I have a post in the wanted looking for LM200/210/250's. Norfish do you want to sell yours? I'm just looking for a set of floor standing Synthesis. Thanks and good luck!

Not interested in selling the LM200's. They sound pretty good in front of our television. My wife wouldn't like my turning the tv room into another listening room (not that I would want to either) and the LM200's give us good sound without being too intrusive.

I still have & love my LM260s. Was running them with a Krell KAV300i and thought they sounded great. However, the amp is gone and I'm thinking of replacing it with a Manley Stingray. Either that or a used Bryston amp/pre-amp combo (on the recommendation of a friend) or used CJ amp/pre or integrated... with perhaps a future migration to used Quad ESLs. The genesis of this thinking was being "stuck" in one listening room waiting to re-audition the Krell KAV400xi and listening to the Dynaudio Evidences being driven by probably another $85K or so in Krell electronics and tubed T+A CD player. Blew me away with openness, airiness, soundstage and complete lack of speaker presence. It sounded like music, with each instrument sounding like the instrument rather than a recording of one. When the KAV room was free, what I thought was a pretty decent-sounding system now sounded narrow, etched and designed to impress rather than convey the sound and feeling of music. Any thoughts on the amps and Quads much appreciated. Listen to a wide variety of music, but mostly jazz, especially vocals, orchestral, chamber orchcestra and string quartets. Hardly any pop and no rock. Sorry if this is running long. I'm not a hobbyist and this is my first post but have found this forum very helpful in getting perspectives. Thanks!
"Blew me away with openness, airiness, soundstage and complete lack of speaker presence. It sounded like music, with each instrument sounding like the instrument rather than a recording of one."
You're talking about the Quads or the Dynaudio Evidence here? (Sorry, but I couldn't be certain. Sometimes that happens with me.....)
To Mdhoover -- The Edvidence. However, I remember the Quads from years gone by and based on that recollection, they might be the next best thing at 1/10th the price and requiring much less in the way of electronics. My thoughts for the moment anyway.
Ok, I see. I can't answer the amp question, but others probably could.
I just got a pair of Synthesis LM 250 in new condition! The are also used for TV viewing, gaming, and the stereo playing "Dark Side of the Moon" right now. The woofer was really advanced looking for the time. My question is what did these cost new?