Conrad Johnson GAT & ART Speaker Recommendations

I am thinking about getting a Conrad Johnson GAT preamp and ART mono blocks and would like your recommendations on speakers that match really well. So please let me know what you think.

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At this level you need seriously good matching gear. On your speaker demo short list, would recommend the Rockport Aviors. Am running them with a GAT and a CJ power amp. Delicious....
Hi Pradeep,

Thank you for the recommendations. I have TAD CR-1's, Revel Studio2, Sonus Faber Evolution, and Cornwall III's. I am seriously thinking about trading in the TADs. I plan on hearing the Rockports and Wilson Alexia next month. I am sure my Studio2 will be wonderful but you know how we always want something else. You have a beautiful system. Thanks!
Choose your speakers first!
Eggleston or Avalon.
Many thanks . I suspect it will be a close call between the Rockports and the Wilsons. Both outstanding speakers with a different sonic footprint. If you like overall balance and coherence, go with the Aviors or if you prefer a more prominent mid and LFE, the Wilsons may tip the scale. With such outstanding amps , the GAT, IMHO ,has few peers in the remote controlled pre amp category, you are going to be in sonic nirvana no matter what speakers you choose.
CJ & Avalon traditionally have good synergy. At that level i'd look at the Avalon Eidolon Diamond or new Avalon Compas Diamond. I also like the Indra's.

if you plan on buying Wilson speakers, then, plan on getting Transparent cables/cords/isolator power products to bring out the very best in those speakers!
Well, I get my GAT/ART tomorrow and will be using TAD CR-1's, Revel Studio2 and Sonus Faber Evolutions. When the CJ gear is broken in, I'll decide if I love what I have or if I want a change.

Thanks for your suggestions so far. I really appreciate it. I'll update this asap.
My GAT/ART combo have been playing for 6-7 hours and I have to say these are the finest amp ans preamp combo I have ever heard. They are making my Studio2's sound stunning. More to come....
Joe, did you buy the Art stereo amp, or the mono's? Great to hear they are best sounding amps you've heard. Very impressive! At $55k for the Gat & Art mono's, they're definitely out of my league!

I got the ART mono blocks. They are simply sublime with the GAT. There is nothing like tubes done well. I had a GAT almost 2 years ago and sold it. That was one preamp that left an impression on me. I had to get another and always wanted the ART monos. It's a lot of tubes and some maintenance, but oh so worth it.
It's great to hear of your success with the CJ amps. They are very musical I agree and look gorgeous. Now to enjoy the music!
Thank you for the kind words. CJ makes superbly musical gear. I am amazed.