Conrad-Johnson Evolution 2000 hybrid Amp

Has anyone heard or owned this Amp. If so, how did you like it.
I bought one a few years ago when they were hot. Was rated class A by Stereophile at one time. I had B&W 801 Seris 2 at the time & I found the amp to be a little too laid-back in it's presentation for me & also a bit on the warm side with the already warm 801's. I took it back & the dealer thought I was crazy, never had one returned before.Might be great in your system, an excellent rated amp.
I owned one back in '94, used with Alon IV's. In my particular set-up, the amp was never laid-back sounding. HUGE soundstage, good deep, "tuneful", powerful bass. Kind of a slighlty "dated" design perhaps by todays standards (?) IE: No detachable AC cord, no XLR balanced inputs. Also, I recall the monster (50lb!)transformer had a somewaht audible "buzz", but could be ameliorated with a VPI Brick mounted on the transformer. It's a big sucker though, and can drive any speaker out there to satisfying levels. Should compare to other "super amps" of that era.
HELLO MY NAME IS CLAUDE FROM MONTREAL I OWN MYSELF A CJ 2000 FOR OVER A YEAR AND MY MAIN PROBLEM WAS THAT I OWN TOTEM MODEL MANITOU SPEAKERS THAT THEY HAVE LIKE 85 DB EFICIENCY.MY BEFORE AMP was a class dr3 vhc of 45 wpc of pure class A but it was not enough for the manitou.So i keep on reding bench test even i borrow a mark levinson (that was so small sounding).I finally stop my choice over cj 2000.For tubes at the input and mosfet at the output.So the sound is very musical,airy,subtil details a srong bass so the best world between tube and transistor.This is a real piece of collection that you could live with fo many years.So forget technologies and listen to true music.YOU SHOULD PAY AROUND 2,500$ YOU COULD ADD UP A REMOVABLE POWER CORD AND CHANGE THE SPEAKERS POST FOR EXAMPLE FOR WBT BRAND AND THE SOUND WILL BE OUT OF THIS WORLD AND AS CJ SAID YOU DON'T HAVE TO DIE TO GO TO HEAVEN!!!