Conrad Johnson Et3se vs ARC LS 17se. Need Comaprisons please!

I have a Conrad Johnson et3 se. I'm considering buying an ARC LS 17se. My question is whether this is an upgrade or am I jumping sideways. Thanks
I have a ARC PH5 phono stage, so I am somewhat familiar with the CJ (my current preamp) and ARC "sounds." I know CJ has a reputation for being warm and ARC has a reputation for being more neutral. But I also know that both machines have been lauded for their neutrality, so I think they may be a bit closer in sound than in the past. I am not asking for a comparison in "sound" as much as a comparison in terms of things like bass reproduction, clarity, detail, and naturalness. I don't need someone to make a decision for me as much as I need some data upon which I can base my decision.
The better move would be to the CJ ET 5. It uses one tube and takes transparency, clarity, detail, refinement, dynamics, etc. many steps beyond your ET3.