Conrad Johnson ET3, Mystere CA21 or Prima Luna Pre

I am in the market for a new preamp up to $2500. I like an organic, musical and highly resolving sound. Totally neutral, heartless "audiophile" preamps need not apply. Has anyone demoed any of the above and have any (strong) feelings?
I can't compare the 3, but I have owned an ET3SE and I liked it very much. It's got in my estimation, detail without harshness along with warmth.

Definitely worth a listen to see if it's to you own liking.
The Mystere and Prima Luna Dialogue line are 'essentially' the same. The PL prologue series is a step down for sure.

I've heard both the Mystere and Prima Luna products - very nice I must say, although probably 'average' at their price point.

I have not heard the CJ you mention. Guess it depends on what you are mating it with and your choice of tubes.
I would look for a used Aesthetix Calypso, which usually goes for a little over $2K. I have enjoyed mine has a big, addictive, enveloping sound associated with tubes but also has great frequency extension. Very reliable and quiet to boot. When they are listed on Audiogon, they sell fast, which says a lot about the preamp. I wouldn't buy a Prima Luna or Mystere new, as you are likely to take a hit on resale once the upgrade bug strikes, especially since neither has a reputation as a giant killer. Another choice would be Manley, which also makes very reliable and quiet gear, although I prefer the Calypso to the Manley Shrimp (a preamp that also would be in your price range new.). Manley throws a wider soundstage than the Aesthetix, but the Aesthetix is better in all other respects in my experience.
I recently bought the Mystere CA21 and must say this is one beautiful preamp! Wonderfully musical and resolving, this has elevated my enjoyment of my system considerably. Highly recommended.
Hiendmuse, Im about to pull the trigger on the Mystere CA21. I've read your post's and you give this unit highest marks. I'm getting rid of my multi channle gear for stereo. This is how I listen anyway. But if you had to pick one thing that this pre amp does really well, what would it be?