Conrad Johnson Et3? Anybody Have?

Does anyone have an Et3 that they comment on the sound profile?

1) Is the preamp; ????
details galore, great soundstage & toneally " warm" or " cool"
highs are sweet?  Or more etched?
does it make CDs more listenable?  Etc

2) does tube rolling to a brimar or Millard type tube change its tone to the warm & soothing?  A big change or a little?  Etc

thanks in advance

im hoping the tubes & its profile make it warm & fatigue free with the usual CJ soundstage 


Hello Jeff,

yes, I have spent time w/ both the ET-3 and ET-3SE models in a system;
Classic 60 amp, B&W 802D, Prima Luna cd player and Audioquest cabling/cords.  The sound is warm, excellent details, highs were sweet and a little etched, no issues playing CDs. 

Stock tubes all around, no tube rolling was performed. Auditioning was back in 2013.
why are you starting a new thread?  There are some pretty good reports on the previous.

Yes,a new thread

 A few have "listened" to them, but I am interested in someone who owns one and has listened too over the months.
I've seen a lot of sold one's, but I have not seen a lot kept for long term.
I've listened to it and came away "questioning" the warmth of tone. But, It was probably the system I listened to it with.

Tube rolling is,another big question

Jeff,. There is a review on that is fairly negative due to overemphasized high frequencies and brightness.  This is atypical for CJ gear, but you may be picking up on the same thing.

Just got the ET5 wonderful sounding preamp I'm very happy.Im sure the ET3 must sound great as well .Enjoy

Very nice; Teflon caps and all!

Have you had it long enough to make any Sound Quality evaluations?
It Very similar to ET3, but smoother highs when I listened

1) have you tried any tube rolling?
2) what are you running it with?  


Nice! ebm

I have always wanted to demo the CT-5 and ET-5 for good measure.
How many models did you audition prior to buying the ET-5 ?
Hi,Heard the GAT at my friends house  the ET5 is very close the GAT is duel mono so it sounds even better.I had ARC for years SP8,Sp10 and SP15 with Great Northern sound mods this being said the ET5 to my ears is more musical.I had CJ Premier 5 tube amps great but to hot etc I'm running Pass 350.8 with Purist interconnect .I also had the first preamp that CJ made and loved it this preamp is more accurate but still very musical.Tube rolling will not make a very big difference i may try but CJ designs are based on the tube thats in there now don't know what that is but it sounds pretty good.I have Amperex 7308 gold pin,Teles,Amperex 6922.and Amperex pinched waist etc.Thanks enjoy.
Hi, Im running TW Acustic phono stage into TW AC3 turntable with all Black night upgrades feet,3 motor unit,all copper platter,are board,TW tonearm with Transfiguration Proteus cartridge running into ET5.This preamp is truly amazing.I also love vinyl have many Mercury,Decca EMI and British Columbia  records.Im a big violin record collector after all its all about the music i love classical mostly. Thanks again enjoy!!

A buddy that has a GAT
& Your system that is very special 

I'm afraid to ask what speakers you are using with your Pass 350.8!!!   Lots of current in the amp!

I bet it does sound beautiful!
I think you have made up my mind, finally ,on preamps. I heard the ET3 & ET5 side by side and the Teflon made a difference but both are of similar sound.
It usually is always better to stick with mfg that have been doing it for a while


Hi, Im using Magico Q3 which needs the Pass 350.8 but also needs good tube preamp(ET5).Just switched to Furutech all copper speaker wire and power cords all top of the line which makes the Magico Q3 sound even better.Enjoy happy listening!!
Only the Magico Q3
you are a cheap sucker!!!!!       Lol

You have to take a picture and post your system!!   

True eye candy 

Furtech is good stuff
I'm about to add Furtech power cable for Preamp from VH Audio
I already use the Hot Box and is pretty sweet


ps: where you at?  

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How do you like the "all" Furtech stuff?
What kind of sound profile are you seeing?
I will also look at Purist IC, I have not heard of them, till now

by the way;  the TW AC3 turntable system is sweet looking with the copper platter
i bet it sounds great!
true Analog

vinyl does sound the best


Furtech is great have some Purist PCs as well as all Purist interconnects.