Conrad Johnson ET2 + MC275?

I'm researching tube preamps to go with my McIntosh amp and I'm finding little info about the ET2. TAS "review" was lousy, Stereophile's comment was just that (a comment), and other online reviews were quite shallow. Can somebody provide input? CJ website has close to no info.

I know it's only single ended, which is a downside when pairing it with my MC275 Mk IV, as the RCA input goes thru an additional phase splitter tube and volume pots...
Is it a purist-type design? The volume control was said to be chip driven and said to be second best to stepped attenuators.
Is it a silent pre?
Is it coloured? On the detailed/analytical side?
How does it perform on trebble, mids, and bass? Extended?
Is it a dual mono design?
Someone here mentioned a CJ LS 17 (I think) worked really well with his MC275. Might the ET2 work well too?

Other preamps in my short list are: First Sound Presence (also single ended only, but dual mono), Atma-Sphere MP3 (XLR only), Joule LA-100 & LA-150 (single ended only), Lamm LL2 (single ended only), Aesthetix Callypso. FWIW, speakers are B&W 804S

Any and all info would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!
So nobody has auditioned the ET2 (hard to believe), my post just came in at an odd time and went unnoticed, or other?

This is an attempt to put it back into the radar screen. Anybody has input...please??

Yes, it is odd that there are not more comments from CJ ET2 owners so far, especially when you see the exhaustive analysis of the various AR preamps. And also given the TAS 2009 Editors' Choice Award to ET2. Could anyone describe the ET2 relative to other CJ, AR, or similarly-priced tube preamps?
my 2 cents worth...

I own a CJ Classic recently updated to SE.
I had sent the classic back to CJ to have the work done.
Shortly after this I contacted the service manager there to ask about differences between CJ Classic SE and ET2.

The Service manager told me he checked directly with Mr. Johnson, and, was told that CJ Classic SE is every bit as good as ET2 sound wise. I was a bit surprised by the fact they didn't just try and sell me an ET2.

I am very happy with Classic SE, and other than remote control there seems no real benefit to ET2 over ClassicSE.

it seems if someone is looking for single ended preamp, you can do as good as ET2 for less $$...and if you need balanced, obviously ET2 is not considered...seems ET2 is a preamp without a market segment.
Comparing the ET2 and the Classic SE is problematic because they are very different; designed for different purposes. The Classic is just that - a classic "no frills" preamp. No remote. Think of it as an updated PV-10B. The ET2 is a completely different design - more of a control preamp, intended for use in mixed audio/HT systems. I have heard both, not at the same time, but I would say that they have different sound qualities.

If I were looking for a preamp for a MC275 I would probably look at other options. In the CJ line: if you want tubes I think that the CT6 (discontinued) is a great bargain and (to me) sounds much better than either the Classic SE and ET2. But for use w/ an MC275 I would probably look for a good used Premier 18LS or PF-R. Yes, SS, but I think that the MC275 is already pretty warm and a bit noisy. A quieter preamp would be helpful.

Re: your other choices: I think that you are trying to add too much preamp to your system. The MC275 and 804S speakers are just not all that resolving, IMHO. Why not a good used Mac pre?
My comparison of et2 with classic was purely based on sound character. Since they both use 8080s with solid state output stage...they are very similar w/respect to their line stage design.

Thus I must respectfully disagree that it's somehow problematic to compare the two preamps.

Well, my recollection is that they sounded quite a bit different. Both good, but the Classic was a warmer and less detailed. But as I mentioned I did not hear the units side by side, or at the same time and place.