Conrad-Johnson ET-3 pre-amp. Has anyone heard it?

I might be able to stretch my pre-amp budget. Conrad Johnson issued a new "tube" pre-amp about 18 months ago....the ET-3. This model is supposed to have much of the sound of their top of the line GAT-3 tube pre-amp which has received very good reviews.....The ET-3 retails for $2500

Has anyone auditioned the CJ ET-3, or possibly purchased one?? Need some input about its overall performance I have no way to audition it, and have found only one review. It was in the English mag. HI-FI+. The review was not very informative.

I have a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios driven by a pair of Red Dragon M-500 digital monoblocks, and a Rega Apollo CD player. Also, I am temporiarily using a pre-amp stage of an integrated amp. Thank you.

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I was thinking about this myself but never got a chance to hear one. From what I was able to find out from others I had about decided to go with a LS 17 when I was offered a deal on another pre that I couldn't turn down. Since it is so hard to find I would go with one [the 17] which is known to be excellent, would be a little cheaper than the list of the ET-3 and could be resold at little or no loss if it didn't suit. My philosophy is to always go for the more expensive older model over a cheaper new one, at least in mature products like pre amps.