Conrad-Johnson ET-2 vs Aesthetix Calypso

I'm currently running my Reference 3A MM deCapo speakers with a PS Audio GCC 100 integrated amp, but it's time to move into separates I think. The GCC 100 can be used as just an amp so my plan is to get a preamp first and then upgrade to a separate amp down the road. I think I've narrowed it down to either the Conrad-Johnson ET-2 or the Aesthetix Calypso and I'm wondering if anyone has compared these two preamps?
I haven't heard the ET-2, however I moved from a CJ preamp to the Calypso. The truth is that these couldn't be two more different sounding brands. This isn't an endorsement for either, but rather an encouragement for you to decide which house sound you want. Have you had a chance to hear either?
I haven't heard the conrad but own the Calypso. Its a very good sounding pre-amp, not only that when you see them for sale on this site they don't last long. I got of hold of Andy at vintage tubes who was very helpful in picking some better tubes, so you have that option also you can upgrade the pre-amp to the signature series for a cost of 2500.00
Chadleskos right your better to go for a demo and compare always let your ears do the talking good luck fmer..
I agree with you both about letting my ears decide, but this time around I'm finding it very difficult to find anywhere to audition the gear I'm looking at. And it's not like I live in the middle of nowhere - I live in Boston. There's a dealer in NH who is getting the CJ in a few weeks so I'll get to hear that, but so far I can't find anywhere to listen to the Aesthetix. There are a couple of Aesthetix dealers around, but none of them have the Calypso in stock to audition.
The stock version of the Calypso is not very impressive in my experience. You have to hear it with the right NOS tubes to know what it's capable of. Assume you'll need to spend $400 or so on NOS tubes if you go with the Calypso. The same can probably said for most if not all tube gear, that tube selection has the most impact on the sound quality.