Conrad Johnson--does anyone use this brand anymore?

Does anyone have any opinions re Conrad Johnson Phono Pre amps?   
Versus other brands?

I currently have TEASE2---but need step up transformer for cartridge.



I am surprised to hear that, maybe something was amiss with your sample?  I have always liked the way their products are 'voiced'.  I find them more to the sweet/rich side which I enjoy.  Even their lower end solid state amps of the late 80's early 90's sounded pretty good. 
Personally I thought the Premiere 5 mono blocks were superb.  Wonderful balance and not bass heavy like my  KSA 50 or the ML2's I once had.


"No doubt that Pass Labs is the best solid-state gear at this juncture"

The Best?  I don't doubt that Pass Labs is excellent SS gear...but
The best day of my audiophile life was when I received my MF 2500A.Worst day was having to sell it,,,,,,Bad Mistake!!!
     My system has not sounded as good since .Have not heard their phono preamps. I will one day buy another CJ power amp ! 

@normansizemore my amp was working fine just not my cup of tea. It sounded more like SS than tubes to me missing some of the organics of tubes. But I don't doubt their newer stuff sounds much better.
I love conrad johnson gear.  Currently own the GAT and looking at upgrading to S2.  Also own the premier 8A monoblocks with twflon cap upgrades.

Buy with confidence.