Conrad-Johnson Discussion website?

I tried Audioasylum tube section, but it's hard to go through those threads. Does anyone know a good thread or a website that talks about Premier 11A? Want to learn about powercord upgrade, switching to triode mode, and matching cables. Thanks a lot in advance.
Don't know of any site for CJ talking. I own a PV12 pre-amp and have some questions myself. Is it possible to upgrade the power cord? Mine is permanently attached through the back panel. Let me know if you find a good site.
I would call C-J for advice first of all. Their technical support guy is very easy to talk to. I believe they voice their equipment with a clear sound ideal in mind. They design the equipment to play with that captive power cord, and plugged right into the wall! If you make changes, you'll hear difference, but not necessarily improvement. If you feel something is lacking, maybe the problem lies elsewhere in your system.
William Thalmann/Music Technology, Inc. [] - Bill is a former CJ R&D person. Does mods, repairs etc...