Conrad Johnson DA/3 DAC

I was wondering about my CJ Dac. I bought this a couple of years ago and ended up not using it. A short while ago I hooked it up, letting it warm several days,and ran my Onix-88 CDP through it. Had what I thought was a C-J house sound, warm, like the designers had Mullard in mind. Sounded nice with a big bottom end. I've considered sending it down the road but I've always decided to keep it. Except for the basic info on the CJ website very little info is available on this model in contrast to the DA/2 tubed model. Also, I've never read any of the Agoners mention this model. Not highly regarded? Not many in circulation? Not upgradeable? Anyway, as I'm in the process of setting up a PC based system, is this a piece of equipment that still has a place as is or with mods. Or is it ready for ebay :)
Thanks much and to all a GREAT NEW YEAR!!! Thanks, Dave
I would also like to know because I might be interested in purchasing one for my PD-65. Or is the built in DAC in the PD-65 just as good? I am looking for something as warm with air and a little more soundstage depth.