Conrad Johnson CT6. Anyone hear one?

There's been a lot of praise and reviews given to the CT5, but no one mentions the CT6. It seems to be a replacement for the LS17, with four 6922's, and a similar size and look.

The CT5 uses the 6H30 "supertubes" that some love and many hate. It's a little out of my price range at $8K, that's why I'm wondering what the CT6 is like.

People characterize CJ sound as fleshing out instruments and soundstage in an incredible way with body, 3D, and depth. That sounds pretty good to me. Any comments?
I heard one briefly in my system. It couldn't hold a candle to my 17LS2 in any respect. May have been a break-in issue, but more likely the fact that the 17LS2 uses teflon caps and the CT6 doesn't. Besides, IMHO, the CT6 is really ugly :-) Dave
There is a rave review of the CT6 on, but I don't put a lot of stock in reviews.

Yeah, I know CJ is big on the teflon stuff, but they are still using polypropylene and polystyrene caps in the CT6, which is more than a lot of other expensive stuff uses.

I don't think it looks ugly at all....
Dopogue, if the unit you listened to wasn't broken in, I think it was a meaningless comparison.
I didn't say it wasn't broken in. It was a store demonstrator that a friend
borrowed and then brought over. I don't know how many hours it had on it.
This was just the only reason I could think of that it didn't impress, relative to
mine. That and the fact that the 17LS2 listed for $6K (the original 17LS was
$4,500) and the CT6 is $4,500, a not inconsequential difference. Dave
I read again the review in Enjoy the Music. Here is the link:

It's certainly a bang-up review, and doesn't sound like it was written by a shill for the manufacturer. But does any audiophile on this site own one?