conrad johnson comparison MF200 VS. Premier 4

looking for input between to cj amps ss vs. tube. I am looking for that warm tube sound and large soundstage. I will be using alon II speakers, Jolida cd 100, with B&K Pro 10 MC pre-amp.

which should I purchase.
Owned the MF200. It is warm and tube like. A little slow bass and not super transparent. I began over the years to hear the character of the highs which led to its sale. But a powerhouse of an amp with a nice warm sound. The Premier 4 is a better amp, but it is tubes, which require more maintenance. Also owned that CD player. These amps are getting a little old now and you might be better off with a newer CJ or McCormack, Search for tube like amps that will help. I would consider replacing your preamp. You may want to go integrated tube like a Jolida.
"warm tube sound and large soundstage"

Hi Dvdgreco, I've never heard the cj Premier 4, but I own a Premier V, which is pretty much the 200 watt mono-block version of the Premier 4. Based on that, the Premier 4 should fit the bill easily.
Yeah I am leaning towards the premier 4; however, the price being asked is 1,200. I am thinking the value is less due to age??????
IMO, $1200 "is" less due to age. conrad johnson still offers full support for this amp, including full refurbishing back to original spec and/or upgrades. It's a well made amplifier and a good tech will be able to keep it going indefinitely. I'm not trying to influence you, just offer you my perspective. Of course, the condition of the amp should have a bearing on its price. If it were me, I would want to know its maintenance history.
second owner doesn't have any manufCTURE history of repairs or otherwise. It's why iam thinking of a lower value < 1k

I wonder what data audiogon has, unfortunately i don't have a subscription
I count myself very fortunate in having a friend who is a gifted tech that has worked with some top amp designers. cj's services are not cheap. I would not recommend buying vintage unless either you are tech savvy or you have a good local tech that you trust.
Conrad Johnson Premier 4 released 1983, 100w,:new at 2950$
Last sold at 1,260$
Average at 1170$

Hope this help..........