Conrad Johnson Classic Sixty

Anyone have any experience with or heard the Conrad Johnson Classic Sixty Tube Amplifier? I don't have a dealer near me, but am looking for an amp to pair with a CJ Classic Preamp and B&W 805S speakers.
I have sixty classic paired up with classic SE and it has awesome mid range , little light on base. I also have Jolida 801BRC which is extension on lower freq but can't beat classic sixty.
classic sixty SE version gives it extension on lower end but colors mid range more to my taste.
Hope it helps.
I recently heard a Classic 60 with a sub through some Thiels and it sounded beautiful.

the Classic 60 is a sonic match w/ B&W speakers.
It has enough juice to make the floor -standers sing.
Best mated w/ a CJ ET-3 / ET-3 SE pre-amp.
You can use Audioquest or Transparent cable/cords as well.
Keep us posted.
I traded my Classic 60se for the new MF2550se -never looked back . I find the ET3se/MF2550se combo delivering the best of both worlds-texture and tone , detail and imagery. the 60se wasn't convincing at the lowest octaves.