Conrad Johnson CJ26 Sonograph Pre Amp??

Hi, Need any opinions on this remote controlled pre amp from CJ as I cannot find any reviews on it anywhere, and have the chance to buy one right now. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob
The only "review" I've seen is on as a reference to the combination with Sonographe Sa-250, which the SA-250 owner liked. Of course, everything on audioreview less than several thousand dollars gets 4 or 5 stars.
Thanks Kitch, I'll keep searching! Take care, Bob
I had the sc26. If you can live without a remote the pv10a IMHO sounds a lot sweeter and costs about the same new. If I remember correctly I think stereophile has reviewed both the sa-250 and sc26 together within the last year. Good luck.
Thanks No_money :o) I will take that into consideration also. Thanks, Bob
I demo'd a SC-26 a couple years ago and some of the remote function were on the same frequency of my CD Player's remote, so it was useless for me. I agree that if you can live without the remote you can do better. The PV-10 is a good choice. For solid state you could get a used PV-1 or PV-2, or even a used CJ Motif preamp which is a step above the PV-1 & PV-2.
Hey, sugerbrie, I thought I was the only one. Mine would change volume,or selector half the time with remote for cd player or tv. Sometimes this happened at the same time so as it switched to an unused input, the volume would jack up. This caused some very panicked (oh my god turn the volume down!!) experiences. Luckilly I never blew anything out. Say high to the Kitty.
Contact Spearit Sound / Northampton Audio. ( or They have some demo and B Stock SC-26 and PV-10 with full warranty. (As well as some other models.)
My model numbers above are wrong. The solid state CJ are PF-1 and PF-2. PV is tube gear. There are also some Demo and B Stock PF-2 at Spearit/Northampton as well as MF Power amps and some Premier tube gear.
Give up the remote and go with the CJ PV10. It's the same money but a much sweeter sound.
Sam Telleg, Stereophile (May 2000), reviews both SC-26 and SA-250.