Conrad Johnson CAV45-S2 8 ohm? 4 ohm? Other?

Anyone here know what the Conrad Johnson CAV45-S2 integrated amplifiers speaker terminals are tapped at? There is only one set and not the usual 4 and 8 ohm ones. I can't find the information anywhere, not even in the manual. Very odd. I used to have a VTL IT-85 and the terminals were tapped at 5 ohms. Thanks. 
It is 4 ohms. All CJ amps are 4 ohms. It also puts out more power than 45 watts. It is in essence a Classic 62 with input and volume control. With Sophia Electric EL 34s it is sonically closer to amps costing twice as much. 
4 ohms, thanks. So I assume it wouldn't be a good match with my 15 ohm Falcon speakers?
Mezzanine, the factory can configure the amp for 16 ohms, which would be what you need.

Hi  mezzanine give me your opinion on the S2.are you using a turntable for a source? I'm thinking about getting one. any  info appreciated.
Tone Publications has a new review out on the CAV45S2.

Mine has become my daily listener. Giving my CJ ET7 and CJ Classic 120SE some time off for good behavior. I will more than likely do the Teflon cap upgrade on the CAV45. It is so easy to listen to, and I am driving 4ohm 87db speakers.