Conrad Johnson CAV45-S2 8 ohm? 4 ohm? Other?

Anyone here know what the Conrad Johnson CAV45-S2 integrated amplifiers speaker terminals are tapped at? There is only one set and not the usual 4 and 8 ohm ones. I can't find the information anywhere, not even in the manual. Very odd. I used to have a VTL IT-85 and the terminals were tapped at 5 ohms. Thanks. 
It is 4 ohms. All CJ amps are 4 ohms. It also puts out more power than 45 watts. It is in essence a Classic 62 with input and volume control. With Sophia Electric EL 34s it is sonically closer to amps costing twice as much. 
4 ohms, thanks. So I assume it wouldn't be a good match with my 15 ohm Falcon speakers?
Mezzanine, the factory can configure the amp for 16 ohms, which would be what you need.