Conrad Johnson CA200 vs. Mcintosh MA6900

Speakers are Proac 3.8. I'm going to a solid state integrated from tube monos to simplify my life. What else do you recommend for under $3500 used? I prefer to stay with a major brand for long term support and resale value.
Music taste is Miles, to Allman Bros. to Van Morrison to Hendrix.
even though i love the mac proac and cj are a magic combo...the new van morrison re-issues on cd will be the cherry on the icing on the cake.
I've got a c-j CA200. It is a really nice sounding integrated. No harshness or grain. I'm not familiar with the Mac or the Mac house sound. Some people like it some don't.

The c-j has one quirk, it doesn't have a power button. You press the mute button on the face or remote for 3 seconds to turn it on and off.
Tomcy6, Is this to wake the unit from standby mode? I like that feature, solid state amps can take a long time to warm up, but three seconds can be a long time to hold a button.
I don't think you could go wrong with either. If it were me, I'd probably get the cj. Its a tough call though. The mcintosh I think will hold more value. The mcintosh also I think will have more bottom end power. Its a toss up for me, flip a coin.

I seriously considered both units and after listening ended up with the ARC VSi-55. It all comes down to synergy I guess. To each his own.

Good luck.
I don't think that the CA200 is kept in standby mode when it is shut off. The manual does say that it sounds better warmed up, but you have to either leave it on or listen to it cold for a little while after turning it on.

I don't know why they didn't put a power button on it. They put it in the 18LS case and just ran out of buttons I guess. If you are very impatient the 3 seconds may seem like a long time but for me it's not a big deal. Some people feel that at this price they shouldn't have to wait. Everyone has to decide for themselves if it's too much of an inconvenience.
Hi guys found this post just in time i am looking to change my integrated amp and these units are the two i was looking at first of all i love Conrad Johnson products tubes or solid state i like both my preference is for tubes BUT 82db speakers make me go the solide state route i'm not a rich man or else it would be tubes now the Mcintosh i know it's not for everybody but i love the sound and looks and the important word here is I the match with my Electrocompaniet EMC-1up cd player would be nicer with the Mcintosh i have a big decision to make my Conrad dealer has a Chord CPM-2600 brand new at 50% off because of the new model that just came out he bought 10 units and got a good deal so his customers are also getting a good deal i'm very very interested but keep in mind the Chord is brand new and the other two are used units and a $ 1,000.00 more and finaly what i presently own is pretty darn good Bow Wazoo XL but with my Acoustat's 1+1s i could use the extra power what would you do if you were me ??????????????????????????????
This is a message for people that worry about leaving their amplifier on i have a friend that has a Conrad Johnson MF-2500 since 2000 and it has never been shut down in nine years i guess you should not worry too much about it i am sure if you phone Conrad Johnson they will tell you the same thing leave it on 24/24 no problem.
I leave my CA200 on all the time with no problems, and I don't worry about it, the amp is built to last. This way it stays nice and toasty for the next listening session.