Conrad Johnson--Best used Model

I just purchased a Pass Labs XA 30.5 & want to pair with a CJ preamp

I'm looking for experience on which model to by used or new for $1-3 k

I would love the Lush house sound with details and soundstage without being plodding


XP15 is a phono preamp. I would have to concur that there is a substantial positive benefit of running balanced outputs from a preamp to a Pass amp, and you can't do that with CJ. 
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Agree with oddiofyl about getting in touch with Spearit Sound. A first class group whose members have always provided helpful answers and advice following questions I've posed before and quite some time after I purchased my CJ Classic Sixty amp from them.
Greetings to you from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin south of Lambeau. 
I can't speak to the compatibility with the pass. But I suspect 
unsound and don c55 are correct. What I can say is that I own a 
PR 16 which I upgraded to a 16-2 . Either version is an awesome preamp that has the full bodied musical sound you are looking for.
it is IMO better that the 17 or 17 2 which I have also had in my system. (PR 12 monoblocks B&W Signature 30s) But just barely.  The 16 can be had 
for about 3-3.5K. The 17-2 for about 2.5k and since it has the Teflon caps it's just a bit faster than the 16 but not quite as rich. The PV 14
my brother has with his PR 11 is a very musical set up but not up to the 16 or 17. Heard the ET5 in my system for a week or so and as you get to the newer CJ models after the Premiers they are faster and cleaner but IMO not as musical as the older models. IMO you trade lush and full and easy to listen to for faster cleaner and more detailed and I am guessing you bought the Pass because it's warm sounding class A solid state. The CAT 6 is also a nice pre that excels in throwing a great soundstage that I heard with an MV60. I think most of the magic in the music comes out when you optimize the synergies in your system to match your personal tastes. I've always had CJ and I obviously like their house sound and I think the preamps are what influence the sound the most. The 17 or 17 2 are in the sweet spot and you can try different tubes to tailor the sound
to your liking at far lest cost than you can with a 16 that uses 6 6922s where the 17 used 2 if memory serves. Check out Help Wanted: Bass in the forum if you decide to try tube rolling with a
CJ pre for my experience in that department. Enjoy the Music