Conrad Johnson Art/Pv-17/Pv-16 Sound


I'm still searching for that " perfect" preamp to go with my Pass Labs amp

I've found I like a " warmer" organic sound that is smooth in the highs, with excellent details and soundstage 

so; my question

Is there a contemporary Preamp that is equivalent to the ART/16/17 Preamp style sound?

FYI- I have listened to The ET3 & ET5 but find them more " etched" than smooth and detailed


I need to point out I am a dealer up front but you can see my feedback along with my personal account under user name Duane.

My concern is that you may not be aware that the Pass amps have a metallic sheen in the high frequencies that may be pushing you to get a very dark pre-amp to compensate. This is important because future upgrades may be difficult if your always needing bipolar sonics to compensate.

I only sell a few of these brands but I can't carry everything unless I want to be homeless. Plus some brands have weaknesses outside of sound quality. (unstable business , unethical, finicky, you get the picture)

Rule 1. Tubes are the only way to  go.

Einstein, Thore, Musical Design, Jule Electra, Doshi, David Berning, Ypsilon, Essence, Tenor, LAMM, Blue Circle. CAT, are the safe choices. The only Solid State I would try is the Klyne.  The Jeff Rolland is warm and sweet but it isn't open or resolved.