Conrad Johnson and Proac Speakers

I am in the process of upgrading my amplifier. Currently, I have a Conrad Johnson preamp (PV-10B) and really like the CJ sound. I would like to add an MF2500a (used, from audiogon) to my system, but I also need to think of speakers. Proac has always sounded good to me, and I am interested in perhaps the d38. Are there any opinions on how well a match this would be, or any suggestions on what other speakers might work well given my amp preference? Thanks
I'd buy speakers first and worry about the amp later.
I agree with Tarsando.
cj and proac..made in heaven
Buy the 2500A. I never met a speaker that said "no it's too much power, take it away." My 2500a has no downside that I can find, and I see no reason to think a smaller amp would be quicker etc. I freely admit I am not a speaker first guy, but have always started with the pre-amp, then the amp, then the sound source and finally the speakers.
Thiel or Vandersteen (2Ces with lower power CJ amp)
I drove a pair of Thiel 3.6's with my 2500a and was extremely pleased with the results. Good Luck

Agree with Jaybo. CJ and ProAc is a wonderful match.
Thanks for the advice. I'm familiar with the proac line, but based on the responses, I'm also going to listen to Theil.
Kd7kld, YES!!!
Using Proac respose 1s with CJ Premiere 14 pre and Premiere 11a amp and it is truly magical! The Acoustic Zen Hologram II speaker cables just ice the cake, I like the Matrix II ICs
Proac & CJs are good match, Audio Research and Proac also works.
Hello, try first a mf2500a whit your panel. Maybe it will have a better control on your panel than your Sonic Frontier and you will not change your speaker. And these amp have a very good opennest and sound very Conrad.

Thiel or Vandersteen