Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons

I find very little when attempting to gauge qualitative, subjective view points, I'm sure there are those who've sampled preamps from both these quality houses - please share...
Good input @cellorover, I have also received a Philips PC88 from CJ, sound good and more reliable than EH.  My Siemens sounds a little better through the midrange and top end and after probably 1000 hours dead quiet.

I agree with you on the EH6922, noisy after a few hours for me.
From a different angle .......I like CJ's website - offers a level of transparency with regards to upgrades, cost of upgrades, what these entail etc.... have to say the same for Rogue Audio....
I really like the form factor of the Herron products - very functional, with numerous useful design features. I'm disappointed that their website does not more clearly discuss upgrades. Additionally, upgrades are not offered on legacy products!, this came as a surprise to me - this is a big negative for folks left with older components who haven't upgraded- leaving their products less worthy of resale.
The products on Keith's website represent his new line. They evolved over 20+ years. I had the M1s and then had him upgraded them to the M1As. I am not sure if there is a M1A to M2 upgrade, but am happy with my M1As and my CJ tubes. You would need to call Keith and ask of there is a M1A to M2 pathway. But remember, in some cases the difference between the old and new models may be too great making an upgrade impossible or very, very expensive. I have had my Herron amps since 2005 and I, like many people, hang on to their Herrons. All Herron products will resell, but the used market for all equipment was damaged ~10 years years ago so you cannot always expect to sell used products at a price that you may want. The CJ ET5 is a good example of how 2-3 people dumping their preamps deflated the market.  A used ET 5 should be selling at $4500 not $3400 or lower. It is still a fabulous preamp. And, then again, many older products simply have lower no resale value. So, do not let the false prices set by the used market impact your decision. Pick the product that makes you, your ears, and your wallet happy. 
I really can't disagree with you.....pick the product that makes you happy is sound advice - (no pun intended).

To clarify......When I meant "upgrades" - I didn't mean transforming the older legacy products into the latest generation offerings - I meant "revisions" that had been offered in the past - for example a VTSP 3A preamp stuck in 1st gen cannot now be revised into a 3rd revision anymore as the VTSP 3A is considered an "obsolete" product.
Hey guys FYI I just put my VTSP-3A R03 up for sale here and on the USA Audiomart. After careful consideration and saving my pennies I’m going to try the new 360. Reach out if you have any questions.