Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons

I find very little when attempting to gauge qualitative, subjective view points, I'm sure there are those who've sampled preamps from both these quality houses - please share...

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From a different angle .......I like CJ's website - offers a level of transparency with regards to upgrades, cost of upgrades, what these entail etc.... have to say the same for Rogue Audio....
I really like the form factor of the Herron products - very functional, with numerous useful design features. I'm disappointed that their website does not more clearly discuss upgrades. Additionally, upgrades are not offered on legacy products!, this came as a surprise to me - this is a big negative for folks left with older components who haven't upgraded- leaving their products less worthy of resale.
I felt if I narrowed it down, there’d be even fewer responses.....but Ill try -

Herron VTSP 3a (revisions 1-3) vs...CJ ET3’s/ET5’s
....loved reading all of your responses so far...thanks folks
Languidcrane, I don't mind at all, thank you for asking and enriching this thread.... interesting that The Herron VTSP 3A & 360 are so highly rated here....they aren't the easiest to come by used tho'.....and the VTSP 360 new is quite a chunk of cash.... I'd love to get my hands on a VTSP 3a rev3 or a 360.
Also interesting to learn that the CJ ET5 has a propensity to burn out tubes....that might make one reconsider one's options..JJSS49's suggestion of using the 7DJ8's is a potential solution, I wonder what other ET5 owners feel about the effects on the sound using the 7DJ8 variant.
I really can't disagree with you.....pick the product that makes you happy is sound advice - (no pun intended).

To clarify......When I meant "upgrades" - I didn't mean transforming the older legacy products into the latest generation offerings - I meant "revisions" that had been offered in the past - for example a VTSP 3A preamp stuck in 1st gen cannot now be revised into a 3rd revision anymore as the VTSP 3A is considered an "obsolete" product.

couldnt have stated those words of wisdom any better....... exactly my philosophy...and I’ve been in this game for a pretty long time as well 
Good Luck with your sale dodgealum. Yes, unfortunately, it’s from the horses mouth....a VTSP 3a that’s not rev 3 cannot be upgraded anymore from a 1 or a 2, as it’s “obsolete”.