Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons

I find very little when attempting to gauge qualitative, subjective view points, I'm sure there are those who've sampled preamps from both these quality houses - please share...

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I concur with jjss49 regarding tubes and the ET5.  I am using a Siemens EC88/6dj8.  Not only does it sound excellent it is a workhorse.

I think CJ had a bad batch of EH 6922's and I went through several.  
Good input @cellorover, I have also received a Philips PC88 from CJ, sound good and more reliable than EH.  My Siemens sounds a little better through the midrange and top end and after probably 1000 hours dead quiet.

I agree with you on the EH6922, noisy after a few hours for me.
I own the ET5, it fits your description perfectly.  The biggest change for me going from a premier 14 to the ET5 was the incredible clarity from the new design and teflon caps.  It could easily be my last preamp.

I have never heard the Herron but it always gets glowing reviews from people who own the brand.  You really can't go wrong with any of your choices.