Conrad Johnson Amp for ATC SCM 12's

Does anyone have experience with Conrad amps driving ATC SCM 12's?

The SCM 12's like a lot of power, I am a bit timid in buy a tube amp to drive them, especially the lower wattage amps in the sub-100 W range.

I am open to suggestions in tube or SS amps. I am not looking for the "tubey" sound, but accuracy with out shrill highs.

Other suggestions also welcome.

Other components: CJ CT6 Pre, DNM cables

If you can afford a 350 it is one of the best amps made anywhere. One was on here the other day for $4500. If I didn't have 8 amps already I would get one, my wife would kill me.
Thanks Stan. I read the info at CJ's website, sounds like a very solid amp. Certainly not short on power. Have you heard it before? Any comments on the tonal qualities, especially the high's?