Conrad Johnson amp and Pass Labs Pre

Anyone who has experience with Pass and CJ equipment as amp or pre mixes. Tell your experiences here. 
I'm currently running a CJ CT-5 with a Pass Labs XA30.8. Overall itspretty nice combo. You have a lot of options out there but the CJ/Pass combo is known to be  a good fit according to the folks at CJ.

I read Nelson Pass on a DYI site say that CJ and Pass work well together so, I imagined his opinion was a good one. 

I run a cj et5 pre and a pass xa25 amp in the main rig. Lovely combo. Holographic soundstage and sweet midrange w taut bass. I like the little pass amp better than the all the cj amps I’ve had.
I can now say I own a Pass Labs XA25 and own a CJ ET-5 as well. I own a PASS Xp-10 pre.  The CJ PRE sounds much better as exactly as described above by medeardo. Nelson was right.  The Pass Labs dealer did not agree so I guess he has no knowledge or wanted to sell me a Pass pre.  Either way the ET-5 was a $10,000 pre.  I picked up mine for $3,000. The XA25 is outstanding.  What a performer.  It’s manhandling my Wilson Audio Sophia’s and showing them more Bass than they are use to; all from a 25 watt amp. Read up on it if you are not familiar.