Conrad Johnson Act 2 or Act 2.2

Curious whether making any of the following changes will improve the sound (eg dynamics) of the preamp.
1. Removing the 2 rubber tube damper on the 6N30P tube
2. Replacing the rubber tube damper with other brand eg Herbie's audio lab tube damper?
3. Replacing the 4 x6N30P tube? Any NOS replacement?

Recently I compared the preamp with a Diva audio M7 preamp (cost 15% of Act 2.2) and to my surprise it sounded more dynamic even though the soundstage shrink slightly. To be fair I spend only 2 hours testing it and as such not conclusive. Using the following gears : TW acustic raven ac, Shroeder 2fw tonearm, JA MC1B, CJ Act 2.2, CJ 350, Ensemble fonobrio phonostage with MIT V1.1 interconnect. PC Transparent PLMM, Transparent Opus MM speaker cable, Qi cone as footers

Happy Listening. TQ in advance
Please excuse my not understanding what you are trying to accomplish apart from 'improve the sound' - could you say a bit more about your goals or what you think is a weakness of your system?

Changing dampers may help smooth out small tube noises, effectively lowering the noise floor. That is, if your tubes are noisy to began with. The Herbies dampers do work, but they will not be to the level of a component change. The 6H30 tends to be a v. quiet tube, so I doubt you'll hear much improvement going from the stock silicon ring dampers to the Herbies. YMMV

Switching from 6H30-EB (stock) to NOS 6H30-DR will not, imo, make a lot of difference in the ACT2. Maybe a wee bit more top end extension, though I'm not entirely convinced of that and I'm running 4 NOS DRs in my own.

The original ACT and the 2.2 are dynamically adept preamps. As you imply, they may not reveal all their virtues in a few hours. There are lots of gears that stand out with one or two sonic attributes, but very few are well balanced across the spectrum. The ACT2 and ARC Ref3 are a couple that fall in the latter category - there are others. I've never heard the Diva M7, so cannot speak to it.

Tim , I felt that the dynamic is slight compress and the timbre is not as good as I expect after comparing it to Diva M7. Anyway I m not exactly sure it is the issue of the ACT 2.2. However, preamp is my starting point for adjusting my system at this stage. By the way I have the preamp for abt 3mths, so burn in is not an issue. Happy listening
Audioblazer - are you using any power conditioning? The ACT should not run through any power products or it will sound somewhat restrained and flat dynamically.
owl, I did run the preamp, phono, turntable powersupply thru the Exact EP15A conditioner. My CJ350 is plugged to the wall direct . Didn't have the opportunity to run it thru the wall otherws I may have to use an adapter to my british wall socket which I think will degrade the sound. TQ for yr suggestion. Happy listening
I thought that the dynamic compression of my audio system was due to the CJ Act 2.2. However when I replaced the PLMM with network power cord with PLMM without network, my sound system dynamics certainly improved. So for CJ 350 owner I suggest to use power cord with cautions especially the network type power cord. Anybody out there with such experience? Any intend to use Kubala Sosna Emotion PC on the CJ350 when I get it from my dealer. Happy listening