Conrad Johnson Act 2.2, 6N30P tube

Wonder whether anyone who owns CJ act 2 , 2.2 or CJ CT5 change the stock tube to Reflector 6N30P-DR tube? if yes , do u hear any difference? Considering changing my stock tube just to experiment. Any feedback is much appreciated.
I've contemplated the same substitution but haven't been able to pull the $600 NOS trigger! The person I bought the Art 2 from tried the DR's and felt they weren't worth the $$$$$. Jayfox felt it was "minimal' in his BAT 31 SE, Elberoth2 seconded the statement "The claims of major differences with 6H30 tubes are way overrated". Granted everyone has different gear CJ, BAT and AR but all are experienced audiophiles with the same conclusion. I'm not sure how to test the 6H30P on my tester or I'd buy a cheaper used quad just to scratch the itch.
TQ for the feedback. I suppose this is a contentious issue. I just found out that there is a thread about this tube on tech talk session. From my google search, I realised that there is Nos 6N30P DR that is cryo which is about 30% more expensive. anybody try this cryo tube? thanks