conrad Johnson 350se and Magnepan 20 speaker

Was reaching out to see if anyone has had specific experience with the Conrad Johnson 350se amp and Magnepan 20.7 or prior 20's speaker.  To date my best experience has been with tube amps, where as sold state amps have tended to be somewhat thinner in the midrange.  

I can’t explain it but that is what I heard.  The guy that bought the amp off me called and thanked me, saying it was the best amp he ever possessed. I was using a Rogue RP-5 tube preamp, an Esoteric X-3 SACD player and GE Triton Ref speakers.  I really wanted to like it but it just didn’t have any jump factor.  It was like driving behind a person doing 15mph in a 60mph zone.  Because I thought there may be something wrong with it, I practically gave it away.  

Thanks for the additional information.  We all run into these hiccups. Sounds like you preamp and the amp did not work well together. Hope all is now sounding well.
Just wanted to thank everyone for all their input.  Will keep my eyes open for the amps.
When my Rotel rb1090 failed, I was given 2 amps , 1 per week, on my choice, and the approval of my dealer, known them for years.

 First was the Sunfire regular 300WPC amp, loved her, power seemed unlimited, with the great voltage or current speaker taps, one sounded like SS, other through a 1 ohm thingy to sound like a tube amp, great amp! (I now own the Sunfire Sig 600) love her.

2nd week conrad Johnson MF-200, aging but upgraded by factory, 
loved this amp, not quite the power of the Sunfire, but very, very smooth sounding, I almost bought this amp, but, her age kept me from buying.
I loved this amp, warm, rich, detailed, some might say it’s slow,....
naahh,  very nice sound, relaxed, and accurate.

 If you locate the 350 CJ amp, drive it to CJ, for a look-C, upgrade, test, replace parts as needed.

   I’m still looking for one in MY PRICE RANGE. not yet, soon, I’ll find one.