Conrad johnson 350 power cord

I was testing Conrad Johnson with Transparent Opus MM power cord and discovered that I like it better than the stock powercord with 20amp IEC connector (not very sure whether its worth the upgrade or I can do better else. In fact I seems to hear a better improvement with a BDR cone on my transport) However, I noticed that it does not have good fit into the amplifier and seems to be weighed down by the weight of the cable. I believe better fit will enable it to maximise the quality of the power cord. Anybody out there has any experience with different power cords and how do u feel about changing the stock power cord? I m using the amplifier with CJ ACT2. Most of my cables are fr Transparent. Your opinion is much appreciate and thank you in advance. Happy listening
I use to have a CJ 350 and I replaced the power cord with a Shunyata Taipan Alpha. It made a huge improvement in the sound. However if you can afford it I recommend using the Shunyata Python Alpha. It will definetely take your CJ to whole new level.
I use a PS Audio Statement Extreme and can say that I don't hear much of a difference over the stock cord. I had it laying around so I thought I would put it to use.

YMMV, I 'm using a JPS Kaptovator with my CJ 350 & I did not think it has a improvement over the stock PC. However the Kaptovator did improve the sonics of my previous Ayre V3 quite significantly vs PS Audio Statement which I used to have.
I have the same experience as Audioblazer in regards to not having a good fit with the Kaptovator into the CJ. Some have suggested to wrap the plug with electrical tape to have a tighter fit.
Guys, trust me the Shunyata will make a difference. The background will become quiter and the dynamics will just explode. Try it.
The CJ Premier 350 stock pc is excellent and was carefully chosen by CJ after much effort. Its easy to assume an aftermarket pc will improve the sonics and the placebo effect should be considered. That said I am a believer in pc s and have done extensive comparisons. We did the pc auditions on the 350 as a matter of fact a year or so ago. We had Shunyata Anaconda , Elrod Statement as well as Signature series 1 , Epiphany x , Virtual Dynamics Master , Purist Dominus , and Xindak FS Gold.

It was apparent that the stock pc was chosen carefully and one must seek a superb cable to exceed its performance. All of the cables brought changes to the table. The Xindak was inferior to the stock , all other cables were good and I could have lived with any of them. The cable that I preferred was the Elrod Statement 1. This comparison was also done in an effort to determine which cable I was picking up for my company Rainwater Audio. I picked up Elrod in part because of this shoot out and because of the man himself.
The Purist and Virtual Dynamic cables were on par with each other and certainly at the top of the game with the Elrod . I however was taken with the seemingly unlimited dynamic range of the Statement. It was ruthless but if the chain is up to it { and the Act 2 I am very familiar with } then it unleashes the dynamics and provides thunderous , linear frequency response . I know the ACT 2 well and it is an excellent mate to the 350 btw. The Anaconda I liked as well and could have been happy here too. It was on par or a touch better than the Epiphany X . It was lean and mean . I like the bass slam of the Statement 1 better however. All of this , IMO of course , and this is a recording.
Brainwater or anybody out there , did you compare your preferred power cord to Transparent PIMM power cord ? I do agreed with Brainwater that the stock cable sounding quite good . TQ for the response so far. Happy listening
I did not compare the Transparent.
Reviving an old thread. Are you guys still listening to the 350sa ?
Happy Listening!