Conrad Act2 serie2 or ET5 wich would you buy


The upgrade fever strike again, and I would like to hear about your experience...
I already own a Premier 14 for the last 12 years anda Premier 10 for 5 years before. Maybe I would like to try something new/else... I will stay with Conrad, so please dont talk me in something else...
I would like to hear about those who personally lived a few month with those two machine.
Someone just told me about impedance and his view was that the ET5 would do a better job with long interconnect (15 feet)... an other friend told me about those 6h30 vs 6922 (an other story).
Nothing to help me with my decision...
one tube vs four....
Act2 is way better to look at then the ET5
So, that is way now I am asking you fellon gonner...

Thank in advance for all your comment...

we know the ET5 is current, whereas, the ACT2 is not.
I have had the listening pleasure auditioning the ACT2 Series2 w/ the previous 350 premiere solid state power amp.
The combo was outstanding.

It would be interesting to pair the newest CJ SS power amp w/ the ET5. I have not been able to find a dealer/retailer that has both models for demo.

I also like the ET-3 SE- very sweet for the money ( a steal)!

keep me posted and happy listening.
I currently own an ET5 which replaced a Premier 16 which replaced a Premier 14.

You will experience a significant improvement is bass response and detail retrieval when going from a 14 to the ET5.

The ET5 will handle long interconnects better than the 14.

I have no experience with the ACT series preamp.
Thanks! for sharing Welcher.

are you able to pair the ET5 w/ the new SS power amp via your local dealer/retailer?

I strongly feel this could be a "magic" combo!
Keep me posted and happy listening!

In the end, couldn't find a act2 series 2 at a decent price here in Canada, but find a very nice mint Moon P-8, (a bit more expensive, but no money exchange and no custom fee to pay, I was even able to drive to the seller 350 milles...) never looked back...

Best unit I ever bought....Just WoW... all the time...
Anyone ever demo an ET-5 and CT-5 ?
Act vs Art series?
Keep me posted Dan-
as you break-in the Moon P-8.
Wasn't there a ET/CT - 6 model at one time?