Conqueror 3c with a Shilabe, Skala or XV-1S?

I have an Acoustic Signature Final Tool turntable with an Origin Live Silver tonearm and Benz L2 cartridge. I am considering upgrading the arm and cartridge to the OL Conqueror 3c with a Shilabe, Skala or XV-1S. Any recommendations?
The turntable feeds an Audio Horizons TP8, Almarro A318B and C&C Abbys.
Hi there,

I can recommend this arm wholeheartedly...and I mean from the heart.

It is beautifully made and produces incredible results with several different cartridges (accross a range of manufacturers)I have tried, ranging from $500 to $5000... and what a real step up from the Illustrious... and indeed, from other tonearms!

Let me know if you wish to ask any further questions,
The new Conqueror MK3c retails about 4239 USD$ (2650,00 £GBP) form Origin Live direct, with so much money I go to buy the Graham Phatom MKII without to think one second!

I'm looking for someone that has heard these carts on this tonearm. Leaning toward the Shilabe.
I currently have a Shilabe paired with an OL Illustrious MK3. Our tonal preferences may be similar. Years ago, I started with a Dynavector 10x5, then moved to a Shelter 501. A few years later I was choosing between the XV-1S and the Zyx Airy 3S (I chose the Airy 3 but it could have gone either way).

About two years ago I jumped to the Shilabe and I haven't looked back.
It's positively liquid - from top to bottom. I'm actually upgrading to the new Conqueror MK3C this week because of the synergy with the OL arm. The Shilabe is an amazing cart and I'm expecting great things from the new Conqueror.

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Depends on what you want.

If your system all ready has a lot of life and drive, the Shilabe will work.

The dyna XV-1s will have drive and life with very good extension.

I have not heard the Skala, however the Kleos compared to the XV-1 s will be a little tight/faster in the bass, have plenty of detail but not the upper frequency air that the XV-1s has.

My choice would be between the dyna and Lyra. YMMV

After checking some medium to high level cartridges from Koetsu (Rosewood), Benz Micro (Lp), Clearaudio (Concerto) and Lyra (Skala) I finally found the Skala the best of the cartridges tested.


Mainly, because of his MICROdynamic response with wamth. THIS give you all the information recorded and without the coloured and sirupy sound of the warm cartridges. The bad point of the high level Lyra cartridges is you will never play your digital source (and this is not a good new, Isn't it?)

My point to the Lyra, after the Titan i of my brother-in-law the best mc phono cartridge I ever heard.